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            產品簡介 Product Profile


         HYC-MP1F series four-quadrant micropump is mainly developed for the application of  pump-controlled servo system.  It can work in four quadrants and is suitable for both closed circuit and open circuit. Designed for compactness,the pump emphasizes miniaturization and lightweight. It also has high working pressure along with wide speed range.



        ? 斜盤式軸向柱塞泵,球面配流 Swashplate axial piston pump, spherical port plate pair 

        ? 柱塞數量 Number of pistons: 9>1.6cc/r );7≤1.6cc/r ) 

        ? 雙向旋轉,進出油方向可逆 Bidirectional, oil inlet and outlet are reversible 

        ? 適應馬達工況 Adapted to motor conditions 

        ? 良好的低速性能 Good performance at low speed 

        ? 尤其適用于電動靜液作動器 Especially suitable for electro-hydrostatic actuators

             型號說明 Type Explaination


        安裝接口形式可按需定制,最小起訂量10臺。It can be customized,the MOQ is 10 pcs.


        ?產品的外形安裝尺寸請在產品手冊中獲取。Mounting dimensions of the product can be obtained in Product Manual.

        ?在必要時本公司可能對產品型號編制規則進行修訂,訂貨前請與本公司確認。 If necessary, the company may revise the naming rules of product model.  Please confirm with the company before ordering.

             技術參數表 Technical Data


        ① 泵進口增壓時,或作為馬達使用時,允許更高轉速。詳情請與本公司聯系確認。Higher speed is allowed when the pump inlet is pressurized, or used as a motor. Please contact the company for details.

        ②當轉速超過8000 rpm,要求泵進口增壓。When the speed exceeds 8000 rpm, the pump inlet is required to be pressurized.

        ?由于使用工況的復雜多樣,不能保證上表所列參數適用于特定的用途,選型前請于本公司確認,以技術協議為準。 Due to the complexity and diversity of using conditions, there is no guarantee that the parameters listed above are suitable for specific purposes. Please confirm with the company before selection and subject to the technical agreement.

        ?必要時我們將修訂技術參數表,并在公司網站上發布新版技術資料。If necessary, we will update the technical data on the company website.

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